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Welcome to White Castle Resort & Hotel, Balibago, Calatagan, Batangas, Manila Philippines

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General Terms and Conditions

Prices include all taxes and fees; no additional booking fees apply. After booking confirmation, the entire invoice amount should be paid in advance to the following account:

Bank Account Information (Germany)
Raiffeisenbank Denzlingen/ Sexau eG
Account holder: Hans Böddicker
IBAN: DE 31 6806 2105 0000 3354 10
Purpose: White Castle

Bank Account Information (Philippines):
Bank of the Philippine Island NASUGBU Branch account name HANS HERMANN BODDICKER, acc. number 0819-1462-25

Price Changes
All prices and rates are valid at time of publication. Due to fluctuating international currency exchange rates, taxes and other factors beyond our control, price changes may occur or be raised retroactively.

Regardless of previous deposit or payment in full, any price increases shall be borne by the client. Should the client not accept the price increase, the client reserves the right to cancel his booking. Please note that in this case, cancellation fees may apply.

All bookings are subject to availability at the time of request. The client will receive a booking confirmation from us per email. The client will receive an additional email with the reservation confirmation upon receipt of payment, at which time the reservation is binding.

You will receive a voucher per email that is valid for the room and all other services agreed upon. When submitting a booking request, ensure that your email address is correct and functioning properly. If you do not receive an email from us within 24 hours, you are required to report this to us immediately.

You are responsible for ensuring that all booking data is complete and correct. White Castle Resort & Hotel is not responsible for loss or delays (whether direct, indirect or due to consequential damage) or third-party claims (including any cancellation costs) if these result from incorrect or incomplete entries in your booking requests.

In the unlikely event that the hotel or services are not available, White Castle Resort & Hotel will strive to offer adequate alternative services. In this case however, White Castle Resort & Hotel shall not be made responsible or liable for unauthorised actions, damages, losses or delays of persons or belongings or additional costs or inconveniences directly or indirectly resulting from these circumstances.

We will take all appropriate measures to ensure that all information is complete and correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to carry out improvements or amendments with regard to the information, services, general terms and conditions or other contents on this website as well as to discontinue this website.

Please note that renovation work or other construction measures must be taken from time to time at the White Castle Resort & Hotel. We will take all necessary steps to keep disturbances to a minimum for our guests. We can therefore not accept requests for reimbursements if a guest feels disturbed by renovation work or the like during his or her stay at the White Castle Resort & Hotel.

Check-In / Check-Out
Check-in 01.00pm / Check-out is at 11:00am local time. Alternative times can be arranged upon request.

Payment method
The entire invoice amount shall be paid in advance. Please transfer the invoice amount to the following bank account within 14 days of receipt of the booking confirmation.

Bank Account Information (Germany)
Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau
Account: 0819-1462-25
Bank sort code: 68050101
Purpose: White Castle

Bank Account Information (Germany)
Raiffeisenbank Denzlingen/ Sexau eG
Account holder: Hans Böddicker
IBAN: DE 31 6806 2105 0000 3354 10
Purpose: White Castle

Bank Account Information (Philippines):
Bank of the Philippine Island NASUGBU Branch account name HANS HERMANN BODDICKER, acc. number 0819-1462-25

It is imperative that the transfer be made from one of the listed guests.

The client acknowledges and confirms that White Castle Resort & Hotel and its partner companies are not liable for possible currency rate variations. Possible price increases resulting hereof may subsequently be charged to the client.

Contract Amendments
Amendments to the reservation must always be made directly with the White Castle Resort & Hotel office and not through other partner companies. This applies to amendment of the arrival or departure date, delayed arrival time, extension of the stay or early departure as well as for a partial or complete booking cancellation. You should also contact us directly if you have any problems with your reservation prior to arrival or during your stay at White Castle Resort & Hotel.

Additional nights or rooms are generally possible upon request and are dependent upon availability.

Shortening Your Stay
Shortening your stay, which is not only limited to early departure or decreasing the number of guests or rooms, is considered a partial cancellation for which the cancellation fees listed below will be charged.

Certain cancellation deadlines must be adhered to for all reservations. Generally, the cancellation deadline is 14 working days prior to arrival; the cancellation deadline may vary seasonally. The exact cancellation deadlines shall be submitted to you per email along with the reservation confirmation.

Cancellations received prior to this deadline will be refunded in full, less a processing fee of 5% of the room price.

All cancellation requests must be in writing and include the booking number and the original email address on the reservation. Cancellations are only valid when confirmed by us per email. Proof of submission is not considered valid documentation of a cancellation confirmation.

No reimbursement shall be made for early departure or shortening a stay, unless White Castle Resort & Hotel has explicitly consented to this in writing. Reimbursement is only possible with submission of a written confirmation from the hotel owner or other authorised person.

During times of high occupancy or special events, White Castle Resort & Hotel expressly reserves the right to set more stringent cancellation deadlines, which supersede the general terms and conditions. Regardless of the reasons or circumstances of your cancellation in such instances, the cancellation fees may equal up to 100% of the room price for your entire stay.

If you are unable to provide documentation of our cancellation confirmation, your claim to any reimbursement is inapplicable.

Complaints and any reimbursement claims must be submitted to us in writing within 15 days of departure; otherwise we are unable to consider them.

You should contact us immediately if there are any problems with your reservation prior to your arrival or during your stay. In order to avoid irregularities, complaints should be made to us immediately so that we can address the issue as soon as possible.
All complaints must be submitted in writing and be as detailed as possible. White Castle Resort & Hotel can only investigate a complaint if it is submitted in this manner.

If you have not submitted your complaint to us within 6 hours of becoming aware of a problem, we must thereby assume that you will refrain from making additional claims against White Castle Resort & Hotel.

Travel Insurance
We highly recommend that all clients take out a comprehensive travel cancellation insurance, luggage insurance as well as a foreign health insurance policy.

Place of Fulfilment and Court of Jurisdiction
The laws and legal provisions of the Republic of the Philippines apply. Court of jurisdiction is Manila , the Philippines .

Final Provisions
Should individual provisions in these general terms and conditions become fully or partially invalid, this will not affect the validity of these general terms and conditions.

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