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Dentistry in the Philippines


Dental prosthesis with total care in the Philippines .

Dental prostheses are significantly less expensive in the Philippines than at German dentists. The primary reasons for this are lower salaries, cheaper rent prices and lower laboratory costs in the production of crowns, bridges, inlays, etc. However, you'll find quality standards for dental prosthesis comparable to Germany .

Since the savings are easily several thousand euros, your vacation is "a free bonus," so to say. The total cost including holiday could be less than your costs or insurance co-payment for dental prosthesis in Germany . Those who are ready to “sacrifice” a few holiday hours for a dental treatment can do something good for their wallet.

No matter if you have private or public health insurance in Germany , always consult with your local dentist for a recuperative regimen and cost estimate. It will include all the necessary steps for planned care and is free if he receives insurance payment. It costs 10-20 euros for strictly private services. Be sure to submit this cost estimate to your insurance provider for prior approval.

If you are privately insured, you also have the option of requesting additional benefits for dental treatment in the Philippines .

This possibility is rarely available with public health insurance. Always inquire at your insurance provider. In any case, the cost estimate will help you determine the co-payment due in Germany for comparison with dental treatment in the Philippines . In most cases, you will also save tremendously with dental treatment in the Philippines even if you are publicly insured.

Simply contact us if you are interested in dental treatment in the Philippines . We'll be glad to give you recommendations for the best dental specialists in Manila .

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